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Frequently Asked Questions

As an independent linguist, I ensure that my clients receive quick and accurate professional services - tailored to their needs - making communication easier with a reduced risk of inconsistency and enhanced levels of comprehension.

There are several factors to take into consideration, such as the length and difficulty of the text (how much research will be required). In general, my daily output is around 2,500 words (assuming an eight-hour day of work). However, I always do my best to accommodate the client’s need for a rush delivery. 
My charges are based on a total estimated source word count. As an independent linguist, I can offer competitive rates, based on the size, requirements and complexity of your request, without compromising on quality. I’m currently able to accept payment in USD, EUR and GBP. 
Translation proofreading and editing means reviewing translated text to ensure that the context of the original text has been fully understood and translated accurately. This typically involves researching terms and recommendations of change, if necessary. The translation is examined carefully to find typographical error and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling. 
For editing and proofreading, I charge a third or half of my standard translation rates, depending on the text. 
The costs of interpreting depend on various factors, such as the type of interpreting, the subject area, as well as travel and subsistence allowance when required to travel long distances. 
Simultaneous interpreting, used at conferences and other meetings, requires the interpreter to translate what is being said to an attendee or to a large audience in real time. Simultaneous interpreting often requires equipment, such as headsets, microphones or soundproof booths. This type of interpreting requires intense concentration, so the interpreters often work in teams and alternate every 30 minutes. The price is charged at a daily rate with preparation time included.
Consecutive interpreting is most commonly used in smaller settings; the interpreter listens to a segment of speech while taking notes, the speaker pauses for the speech to be translated. The same speech is then translated twice into two different languages. I charge an hourly rate for consecutive interpreting plus travel expenses (which includes travel time when required to travel long distance).
For a more detailed quote, please contact me providing the following details:
  • Date of the interpreting, estimated start and finish times, venue, attendees, and the nature of the meeting.
  • Please provide as much background information as possible to enable the best performance possible.
All the information in relation to the services provided will never be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent. As a professional translator and interpreter, I abide by the professional code of conduct and code of ethics governing my profession.

Terms of business

Please refer to Tavares Translations' Terms and Conditions, which relate to my commissioned translation and interpreting services. My practice is based in Manchester.

Legal Document Translation

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